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My wife and I had a long-desired dream: Go to the last shangri-la in the world. Be in the beautiful kingdom of Bhutan and see the wonderful Himalayas from within.

This year we had the chance to do so. We started the search for a Tour Guide back on July this year. Almost 60 agents were contacted and we got back answers from almost 40. After a review, we decided to finally discuss with 3 of them. And Bhutan Travel Plus was chosen as result of their dedication, close contact, flexibility and clear information.

Back in home, we can say that this was one of the best decisions in our lifes. Our guide Nado and the driver Mr. Karma made of our stay there something simply unforgettable. Nado was SO nice with us, so dedicated, focused, friendly, instructed, respectful and so close that after 2 days we already considered him a friend. The expert hands of Mr. Karma drove us through the Himalayas as nobody could have done it for sure. Both Nado and Karma made a great team and this certainly had an impact on our days there. We really felt at home with them.

Rinzin Wangchuck was not in Bhutan for our days there, but he was in close contact from Japan as he was the original contact.

Bhutan Travel Plus made of our stay in Bhutan the best experience in our lives. Nado is by far the best guide we've ever known ad the biggest heart in the Himalayas. Mr. Karma is the sweetest soul driving a car.

Our best vacations, just in the hands of the best people.

Ricardo Egana


Chile - Latin America.
Date of Posting: 15 October 2017
Posted By: Ricardo Egana
Photographer, traveller and curious about the world, Chile
I visited Bhutan through Bhutan Travel+ in 2014 first with my son and a friend. The services provided by the team was more than expected. Friendly, thoughtful to the minute details. The entire team has great knowledge about their country, outside world and almost everything a traveller can expect to find out. I visited in 2015 for Paro Tsechu and Druk Path Trek, once again i was overwhelmed by the services and the care they took to make me feel real special! I was so astounded that i made plans to visit the eastern Bhuatn and that i did in Sept of 2016, where we visited the entire eastern Bhutan districts and i must say, Bhutan naver failed to amaze and enthuse me, the services and care from Bhutan Travel+ only added to the joy and experience that knew no bound. I wish your team all the luck and i will definitely come back, i am sure there are a lots that i can see and/or experience in Bhutan still.
Thank You so much
Date of Posting: 02 February 2017
Posted By: Xiaodan Dai
I reside in Beijing, China. I am an ex professional Horse rider. Travelling and exploring places are among my hobbies, habits..., Beijing, China

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